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ACCEPTED - Lonzz's staff application

Steam Name:
RP (Ingame) (any and all past names) Name: Lonzz
SteamID (Can be found her):  STEAM_0:1:526462640
Are you on our Discord? (Name and Discord ID): i am  Lonzz#5514
Time In server (Must have more than 1 hour minimum.): 1hr 30 mins 
Country: UK 
Time-Zone (e.g UTC, BST): BST 
What times will you be most active at: most times after 3:30 
Age (need to be 15 Y/O) : 16 
Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? (This is a requirement): i am 
How can you contribute to KryptonRP?: i can bring a bright and well experienced user with staff history on fudgys darkrp and eliteplus rp servers 
How many warnings do you have on the server? (Less than 3) : none 
Have you been banned/kicked on the server? (If so state why) n/a 
Do you have past experience of being Staff? (If so state the rank and your tasks): i was a developer for a now non running server called Gnm and on fudgys darkrp i was a senior mod same for eliteplus 
How much time could you spend on the server in an average week?:
 i can do most days apart from tuesdays and fridays 
What values would you add to the team? (2-3 Sentences) :
 i have good communication and good listening skills and i can be very trustworthy and good under pressure and very good time management in the long term. 
i also have a good sense of work ethic especially when assigned a task
Why do you want to be staff? (2-3 Sentences) : I would like to become staff to help out the current staff and to also help out the community in various ways and to be able to put my knowledge on staffing to good rather than to waste 
Are you currently staff on another server? 
 no i am not 
Tell us more about yourself : im a average 16yr old apart from the fact i struggle with seeing certain colours and i have autism not really bad autism just enough that you should be let aware of it, and adhd i like to talk and i love to help others 
A few Rules to ensure you get it right
How long can raids last?: 15mins 
How many bases can you own?:  1 
Someone is prop spamming.. the server is lagging.. what do you do?: i first of all give them a verbal warning the second time i would usually be alot more harsh on them and give them either a 5-10 min jail time and the 3rd time id ban them not for long only a day or two 
If you get RDM'D can you RDM the person back without punishment?: no you cannot that makes you just as bad as the rdmer 
Someone is spamming the hard R in chat or voice, what do you do?: id mute them/gag them for 10mins and if they continue a straight up warn and after that a week ban 
Thank you for submitting an application, good luck to all! - KryptonRP Management Team

If you ask anyone about your application involving the staff team or higher ups, you'll be instantly denied with no chance of acceptance.

PENDING - Your application has been set to pending, please create a ticket in our discord too schedule a peer to peer interview with our management.

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