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Weekly Content Update #3

Welcome to weekly content update #3 of KryptonRP. In this update we're going to be implementing a new currency system, along with some new side features to the current standing features, fixes, and some buffs. On behalf of the KryptonRP management team we hope you enjoy this update Smile, all features will be listed below with any needed ranks that occur to the change in question.

[+] Added Bitminers 
[+] Added 8 Single Miners for User's 
[+] Added 12 Single Miners for VIP's 
[+] Added 16 Single Miners for Krypton's 
[+] Added crypto currencies 
[+] Integrated Bitminers and Cryptos
[+] Added donator benefits to bitminers (Secondary usergroups currently not supported, will be in the near future)
[+] Added 4 more Default Weapons skins (,
[+] Added 2 more Donator Weapon Skins (
[+] Added a brand new sleek/responsive creditstore ( 》?create-a-ticket to get items transferred) 
[+] Added the server to a brand new Chicago Machine for better performance (You will have to join the new server) 
[+] Added a brand new skins case in which has skins only obtainable by case! (
[+] Added stungun to police department jobs.

[/+/] Increased cocaine sale by box by 2.5x (Pay per pack is now $3,500-$4,500 from $1,500)
[/+/] Increased some printer rates/cooldowns 
[/+/] Buffed bitminers to match economy and prices 
[/+/] Increased per /votes vote from $10k -> $25k 
[/+/] Increased /votes milestones from #1: $10k -> $35k | #2: $20k -> $105k | #3: $30k -> $275k | #4: $40k -> 500k 
[/+/] Changed /casino exchange rate from 100:1 -> 1:1

[=] Finally fixed the hanging disconnect issue 
[=] Migrated data storage to a MySQL. (Will require pictures of data from current server) 
[=] Updated the steam group
[=] Fixed astrea's collision prevention, and spawning inside of prop prevention. 
[=] Reverted gestures/emotes back to default (Press R while keys are out) More advanced system in the future. 
[=] Removed aPhone due to hanging disconnect

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