Full Version: Discord Application
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Discord username (EX: Example#0000): Len#0002

Age (Minimum age of 13): 16

Timezone (EX: EST): Mountain standard time

How much time per week will you dedicate towards Kryptons Discord? I am able to help out almost any time other than when I am sleeping and in school

Why would you like to be a discord moderator for KryptonRP? I want to help out moderating the server and help build up a good community

Do you have any previous experience in being a discord moderator? Yes

Do you understand there will be a interview taken place if your application is accepted? I understand

Do you understand the basic server rules via the forums which also carry to the discord? I understand

Finally, why should we choose you over any other applicants? I have good experience moderating other servers and can provide fair punishments
PENDING - Your application has been set to pending, please create a ticket via our discord or message a director/owner to schedule the best time for both parties to meet for an interview.